Council Members

The core, voting membership of the Huron Stewardship Council is comprised of 9 to 11 individuals from the Huron County community. In forming the council, it was intended that as many community interests as possible would be represented through recruitment of individuals from assorted key backgrounds, including agriculture, forestry, naturalist, angling/hunting, other recreational groups, industry, etc. When needed, new members are selected through a public recruitment and application process. It is hoped that others can be drawn in to participate on committees, as part of various initiatives or in other ways. In addition, when needed, representation will be requested from key resource agencies, such as Conservation Authorities and provincial ministries, in a technical, advisory role

Current Council Members 

Following is a list of the current members of the Huron Stewardship Council and some details on their backgrounds:

 Name  Background Information
Donna Taylor
  • Current Chair of the Huron Stewardship Council
  • Retired private business owner
  • Rural landowner
  • Active community leader
  • Keen interest in natural heritage topics
Jennette Walker
  • Current Vice Chair of the Huron Stewardship Council
  • Works in Environmental Services for the township of Bluewater
  • Active involvement in many resource-related organizations and initiatives, generally focused on water protection
Ian Koetsier
  • Past Chair of the Huron Stewardship Council
  • Poultry farmer
  • Municipal employee responsible for municipal water supplies
Klaus Seeger
  • Current Secretary/Treasurer of the Huron Stewardship Council
  • Recently retired from 39 years in environmental public health
  • Former Chair of the Environmental Health Foundation of Canada
  • Membership and active involvement in many resource-related organizations and initiatives
Marg Kroes
  • Swine and cash crop farmer
  • Membership and active involvement in a number of community, resource related and agricultural organizations and initiatives
Tom Trick
  • Beef and cash crop farmer, woodlot owner
  • Membership and active involvement in a number of community, resource-related and agricultural organizations and initiatives.
  • Active in the operations of the Trick’s Creek Farm, which has been in the Trick family since 1873. Notably, the property has the original flour mill and dam, a sawmill, and a large portion is covered in woodlot, which is managed by the Trick family.
Bill Creighton
  • Retired Fish and Wildlife Biologist from the Ministry of Natural Resources.
  • Member and active participant in several community organizations
  • Local painter and nature enthusiast
David Frayne
  • Farm owner
  • Deputy Mayor, Municipality of South Huron.  Representative from the County of Huron.
  • Active involvement in a number of community- and resource-related organizations and initiatives
  • Board member of the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority


Past Council Members

Jim Ginn, John Haak, Myles Murdock, Brianne Webber, Bob Smyth, David Perrie, Robert Budd, Wayne Caldwell, Jeff Cardiff, Susan Chan, Susan Hay, Kathy Hodgins, Chris Lee, Carol Leeming, Don Lobb, Andrew Mann, Matt Pearson, Tom Pollard, Evert Ridder, Victor Roland, John Schwindt, Wayne Stewart, George Thompson, Rowena Wallace